Sunday, October 2, 2011

The end

After a long, successful summer of trout fishing, I had to get out one last time before it closed. It was nice and sunny so I hopped in my car and headed out to Black Earth Creek, since it's so close to home. In the short drive out i experienced bluebird skies, complete downpours, a rainbow, and then a light mist for the rest of the day, with some rain showers mixed in. Keep in mind this was just a 15 minute drive, and i only fished for about an hour and a half! 

Fishing was slow, and i threw everything i had at them. Eventually i decided to put on a big, bass/northern streamer, about 4ish inches in length. I casted that around for quite a while and then rolled a nice fish, probably about 18 inches. I switched to a small black wooly bugger and casted to where the fish missed my streamer. I had about given up when i saw a rise. I casted towards where the fish rose, but was about 5 feet short. I started to strip in the bugger, and had a hard hit! I set the hook and a nice fish shot out of the water. After about a minute, and 4 more big jumps a nice brown came to hand. I thought it was a rainbow based on how it was fighting, but a fat 16 inch brown is nothing to complain about. 

A great way to end the season, now hopefully i can get out to the tribs pretty soon!


  1. NIcely done. Sucks that the season over but at least you were able to get out and enjoy the final day. Nice Brown. Tight Lines.