Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smallies, carp, browns and brooks.

Last week i went fishing on a lower section of a local stream in search of some big brown trout with one of my friends Mike.  I had fished the creek several times before, and remember catching a few little smallmouth right under the bridge, so i figured we might catch a smallie or two fishing downstream of that bridge.
We started out by asking a landowner for permission to fish on his land, he said that we could, but "there's no trout down here" and even told us that his grandson had been seeing carp swimming around.
We walked down to the creek and started fishing, The first pool looked pretty nice, and my friend pulled a little chub out making the first fish of the day.  The next pool up Mike missed a fish then continued on up the the next pool, i stuck around at the 2nd pool and was rewarded with the first trout of the day, a healthy fish around 12 inches.
We continued on and the next few pools held several more trout, and also had some smallies that were willing to bite!  They weren't huge fish, biggest being around 14 inches, but they still put up a great fight! I ended up hooking into a nice smallmouth and noticed one chasing him in, so i told Mike to cast to where my fish was on the end of my line.  He started stripping in his streamer and i saw the trailing fish chase after it and open his mouth, I told mike he ate it and he set the hook, we ended up landing a double!

We ended up catching 7 or 8 smallmouth bass, about 15 browns (all right about 12 inches) a chub, and a redhorse. The redhorse came out of a VERY fast run and hit a bunny leech.  This is the second redhorse i've caught on a big bunny leech this year!  I didn't take a picture of the redhorse, but heres a picture from a few weeks ago of a redhorse i caught on the fly! 

The farmer was right about the abundance of carp in the creek, we saw a ton of carp and suckers all over the place! It was pretty weird catching brown trout and smallies right next to the carp, the weirdest part is that i actually caught a brookie!!! Even in the upstream sections of the creek I've never heard of brook trout being caught very often at all.
We ended up having several other brook trout on, but we were using big streamers and never got another one in.  
Although we didn't find the big browns we were looking for, we caught some nice fish, and a good variety of species.

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  1. Got all your bases covered in one spot

    1. It wasn't really quite what i was looking for, but i'll be going back at some point for sure!