Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Guest appearance!

By Blake Hamilton of Illinois Wisconsin Fishing.
We ended up meeting at salmo pond in Cross Plains, Wisconsin to start the day at 6am and continued west in search of trout.  We ended up fishing two streams and at the first Blake H. caught a nice brown on one of the first casts of the day, before we even made it to a good hole.  Unfortunately the early success wasn't indicative of how the day would go.  We still caught some fish, maybe 10 each? but we didn't do all that well for the streams that we fished.   We didn't catch anything too big, the biggest being probably around 11-12 inches, but we did have a few nice fish on, Including the biggest brook trout I've ever personally seen.  I was pulling a wooly bugger in and right in front of my I saw the fish hit and I set the hook with my 1 wt.  The fish turned and thats when I knew that I had a big fish on, I got a pretty good look at it in the short time i had it on and i believe it was a 16-17 inch brookie.   The fish spit the hook and sank back down into the depths and I was pretty disappointed, but it happens, and maybe i'll get him next time!  All in all it was nice to gain a new fishing buddy and maybe next time we'll have a little better luck!

Blake H. with the first brown of the day

a nice brown, about 10 inches (the cork/reel seat on my 1wt. in exactly 9in.)

A decent brown caught out of a fast run (Blake H. didn't think I was serious when I said there was usually a fish to be caught because the water was so fast)

I have also been getting out night fishing on 8/13 and 8/15 and ended up with 1 brown on the 13th and two on the 15th  I lost several more fish and actually saw a large brown pushing 20inches cruising in front of me last night.  Lately the fishing at night has been very good, and the bugs have been pretty bad, My ankles look a little bit like ground beef, but it's worth it.  I really like night fishing and advise everyone to try it out, it's pretty cool to catch a fish in complete darkness and i find it amazing the the fish can feed in the dark as well.  Hopefully i'll be getting out again very soon.
Until next time -Tight lines

11 inches, a small fish for the night bite

a 13 incher that was rising right at dusk, I fooled him!

another brown just over 13 inches
For reference: the cork and reelseat on this rod is about 11.5inches


  1. Wow ...two Blakes on the same river and on the same day. What are the chances? Looks like a good time!

  2. fun day on the creek bud, we shall have to do it again before the end of the season