Friday, August 12, 2011

Playing catch up!

Well I've been slacking in the posting department,  not too much in the fishing department though!

Long story short- Night fishing, Wooly Buggers, HOPPERS, and a couple nice nights of midge hatches!

15 inch brown at night

16 1/4 inch brown at night

the first brook trout i had ever caught out of that stream

Old Mill in Hyde, Wi

A fun one for a one weight!


This guy wiggled out of my hands before i could snag a picture!  Caught this guy the cast before the one above.
On a beetle, he was about 13 inches.

Another hopper fish!

Terrestrials are workin!

A nice 14 inch that took several HUGE jumps! alot of fun on the 1wt.

another pic of the fish above

A 16.5inch brown, the biggest out of this stream so far, caught just casts after the brown above

Same 16.5 inch,  I had to run down stream to land this guy with the 1wt!

He was starting to get some good colors

A beautiful brown

There has been some great fishing going on recently, hope everyone is making some time to get out there!  Right now I'm really looking forward to the trout and salmon in the tribs, this will be my first year targeting them and I couldn't be more excited!!!

Also has anyone fished Mill Creek over in Hyde?  It seems like a nice "big" river, but in the half hour I had to fish i didn't even see one..


  1. Blake
    Those were some great browns!
    I hope you have an 8 wt. for those salmon.

  2. We should meet up sometime before salmon season. You can be my trout guide I can be your trib guide.

  3. I have an 8 wt, but don't really like how it casts. I'm planning to use my 6wt, it's got some good back bone to it and throws 7wt line very well too. If that doesn;t work out too well I guess i'll have to get a new fly rod... things could be worse right?

    And Blake that doesn't sound too bad to me! I'm sure i could show you a new stream or two!

  4. Nicely done with those sweet browns. Seems like the fish are really active right now during the night. Gotta love it. While everyone else is sleeping we chase trout. Great pics and nice report. Never fished that Mill Creek before, but someone was just telling about it. Good luck and Tight Lines.

  5. They sure do seem pretty active at night, I just got back from a little evening/early night fishing and ended up with two nice browns with several more hits.