Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Smallies and walleyes!

Another up north adventure! 
I don't even know where to start.  I went back up to northern wisconsin, originally hoping to get a musky on the fly.  Friday night we got up just before dark and i went down casting a big streamer, probably about 8 inches long!  I had a follow and i even had a fish on, although the one i had on was more likely a small mouth or norther, maybe a small musky though.  The next day we went back and i started off throwing the streamer again.  I had somehting miss the fly, but i didn't know what since i was actually looking the wrong way....  I casted back and got a hit, i saw the side of the fish and it was a musky, not a big one, but probably around 30 inches.  He hit hard, and i set the hook hard, only to have my fly shoot out of the water back at me.  After that fish i didn't see another musky all day.  
I decided i might as well catch some fish that day and I switched to my spinning rod and some night crawlers and creek caught chubs.  I had now put the canoe in and started catch fish!  Started off with a few smallies.  Then a walleye, then a few more smallies, then a really nice walleye, that probably went about 25 inches.  I was fishing by myself at this point so I did the best that i could to take a picture.  I continued to catch smallies and walleyes throughout the day and also caught another big walleye that went 21 inches.  The limit on the water i was fishing is 3 walleye, only one over 14 so i ended up taking home two about 12 inches and the 21 inch also, and they sure did taste great!  Overall i caught about 15 smallies, 7 or 8 walleye and a few rockbass.   Not a bad day if you ask me!!!

average smallie

a colorful one

theres another one

If you look closely you can see a jig coming out of the corner of this one's mouth.  I  was my jug that had broken off from earlier!  I had this fish on twice! He won the first time and i won the second time!
The big walleye,  It's always interesting trying to land big fish without a net.

back to fight another day

talk about a healthy smallie!

they have plenty of food here

some of these fish have really nice markings

a little walleye from later in the day

the 21 incher that came home for the next days breakfast.


  1. Geeez those are big smallies. Nice post.

  2. You are right...Money can't buy happiness.

    Great fish and great post!

  3. looks like a super productive trip from up north, well done Blake(2)

    walleyes sure are tasty

  4. Shitdanga that looks like a heck of a way to spend the day. Those smallies are just bruisers of a fish. That walleye just sounds tasty. Better luck on getting some revenge on that Musky. Nice job landing those fish without a net. Great Pics and post. Tight Lines.

  5. A productive day on the water for sure. Keep after that musky, he'll come to hand eventually. Great post Blake.

  6. This summer the fishing up there has been unbelievable! The smallies and walleyes have been cooperating quite nicely.