Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/27 and a few pike

Well about a week ago i fished with my friend Damien and we ended up with a few pretty nice browns, and at our last stop, I ended up catching a roughly 20 inch northern pike!  This was the first time i had ever caught a pike in a trout stream.  We were fishing pretty far downstream so it wasn't that unusual i don't think, considering i have caught bluegills and a small largemouth bass just a bit farther downstream.
Fast forward to yesterday the 27th.  I was fishing a new stream out near lacrosse and caught probably over 70 trout from 11am-3pm.  About 60% were browns, and 39% were brookies, 1% northern pike.  This time i wasn't fishing a low stretch of the creek at all, and in the same hole i caught the tiny northern pike out of i also caught around 10 brookies and 5 browns.  I imagine that pike will be quite a bit bigger in a few years!
A few pools upstream i had a brookie, about 8 inches on, and had a GIANT brown come up and try to eat the brookie.  I would guess the brown at ~24" I fished the pool for a good 45 minutes throwing every kind of streamer i had in the box, including big nasty articulated leeches (did i mention i was using a 1 wt. that day?)

All three of the above were out of the same hole!

not the best picture, but here's the other pike

I also threw together a little video from last weeks fishing.   I haven't done much filming so far this season, but i figured i'd throw something out.  Didn't spend a whole lot of time one it, but let me know what you think!

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  1. Diggin the video man. That Northern is a trip to see in the stream. I guess it knows good company when it sees it. Great looking fish as well. Tight Lines.