Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few nice browns

I've been fishing quite a bit lately, including monday, tuesday and wednesday of this week.  Monday was windy, but it paid off fighting the wind!  I ended up with THE strongest 19inch brown trout i've ever caught.   Tuesday I ended up with a nice 16 inch brown, that had some really, really weird fins (was he a stocker?) and yesterday i caught a 16-17 inch brown (he wouldn't hold still for a proper measurement)

19 inch brown

16 inches, and some weird fins

A better look at his abnormal adipose 

a feisty 16 or so inch brown

Overall the bite has been a little slow though, not bad, but not really good either.


  1. Excellent looking trout! That adipose fin is crazy. I bet he get's around the stream with ease :) Hopefully the bite gets better once it warms up a little at night. Tight Lines.

  2. Nice fishing! That fin is strangely close to the caudal fin and seems very large. Birth defect?