Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ol' hookjaw

Today i fished in dane county for a while and ended up catching around 10 fish, including my first inland wisconsin trout with a big old kype.  He was only 18.5 inches, but had a real nice hook jaw.  I also threw a mouse for a little while near dark and had a fish right around 18-20 inches come all the way out of the water on the strike!  Unfortunately he threw the hook about 20 seconds into the fight.  Next time i'll get him!

Also i caught my first two fish on a mouse about 5 days ago, i dont have pictures of them, but they were about 10 inches each... They loved the mouse on that stream, i had like 15 strikes, but only landed those two little guys.


  1. Very nice fish, Blake. That kype is gnarly. "only 18.5" - I say that's a driftless pig.

  2. Indeed it is, It felt weird even writing that! I've just been on the hunt for 1 thats 20" or over and I've come so close so many times. And I've caught 2 fish with just the start of a kype that are 18.5" and a 19" as well, so with the size of his kype i felt his body was small, if that makes sense?
    I would have been happy if that was the only fish i caught all day!

  3. Sweet catch! I have always wanted to throw the mouse pattern, but just have never tied it on. This makes me want to try it even more. Congrats on Capt. Hook, he is a dandy for sure

    1. I've thrown the mouse 3 times this year and have had strikes all three times. Even small agressive trout will go after it, and that big one i had on yesterday hit that mouse harder than i've ever seen a trout hit a lure of any kind.