Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lightning rod...

If you live in southern wisconsin I'm guessing you saw the amazing lightning show that went on yesterday (7/27)   And although I love fishing, I'm not one to stand outside waving around a 9ft. 4wt. 57million modulus graphite fly rod, or should I say lightning rod, during a storm.  At least I got to fish for a little while today!  I even caught a few fish, a few pretty nice fish.   I got to the creek at about 6:30pm and was hoping for a nice midge hatch like there has been the past two days, unfortunately there wasn't a whole lot of rising going on so I threw on a wooly bugger and started casting.  After about 20 minutes in the same hole I was about to pack up and leave, since i was really looking for the "risers" just as i'm about to leave i get a really solid hit, fish on!  The fish fought really hard and had me thinking that he was gonna be about 18 inches... he wasn't.  He was still a really nice brown trout measuring right about 15.   Took a picture and put him back to fight again!  Next cast was in the same spot as the last,  the fly hits the water and I start stripping as fast as I can (which is how i got the first fish to hit) and boom, another hit.  The fish came up to the surface and started thrashing about doing everything it could to spit the hook, and it succeeded.  I was pumped that the fish had started biting, but I was bummed, because the fish i just lost was about a 18-20 inch rainbow.   (My personal best wisconsin rainbow is 15 inches, and my all time best was caught in montana at 21 inches)   Back to fishing.   I casted all around the pool and ended up catching two more browns about the same size as the first.   I started seeing lightning as was back to the car at about 7:40.  Not a bad outing at all!
1st fish of the day

Nice colors and spots on the 2nd fish of the day

the last fish of the day, hardly any spots

The other two days that the midges were hatching I didn't get any pictures, first day i forgot the camera, and remembered it on the 2nd day, but forgot the battery!  caught 4 the first day, 2 rainbows, and 2 browns.  and caught 3 the 2nd day.   I had many more hits, and several more on, but with those size 22 midge patterns it seems hard to get a good hookset.

Hope everyone else is having a good week as well - Tight lines


  1. That's a great quicky! I have got to get better with the fly rod and focus a whole summer on fly fishing. It so hard when you have so many rod/reel combos just sitting there.

  2. Nicely done on all those browns. That lightning can be tempting sometimes. A few years back I was stupid enough to stay out while lightning was striking everywhere and ended up catching more fish than I have ever caught in my life. So every time I am tempted but know better. As soon as you said the fish came to the surface and started thrashing about, I knew it was a rainbow. Thats definitely their signature move. You'll get him next time I'm sure. Nice job for such a short time. Tight Lines.