Friday, July 15, 2011

Why do fish miss streamers more than they hit them?

Today I made it out on the stream and decided I would bring also two rods, my 1wt. for nymphs and dry flies, and my 6wt. for streamers/wooly buggers.   I ended up catching a good amount of fish, about 20 I would say.. 9ish on wooly buggers, 9ish on a size 14 pink squirrel, and 2 on a small pheasant tail.   I didn't catch anything too huge, but I did catch two fish on one line! Only the second time I've ever done this, the other time was on the Ruby River in Montana.  The only problem was that both fish were chubs of some sort, neither were trout!  pretty cool anyway.
biggest and first fish of the day 14"

I wasn't going to photograph this 10" but when i let him go he went and beached himself
so I took his picture then.

one of many browns

some great colors on this guy

another 10"

little trout with some big spots

my double for the day!

unfortunately neither fish was a trout!

A skinny 11" that put up a very nice fight
The sunset after any enjoyable afternoon fishing


  1. looks like another great trout trip, tight lines

  2. great fishing.
    always nice to see other fisherman doing so well.
    nice blog