Monday, July 18, 2011

Rod finished!

I've been building rods for about 4 years now and I just finished my latest one!  It's an 8ft. 4wt.  built for my mom, she's a "crafty" person and actually wanted to learn how to tie flies, but she figured she should at least use the flies she makes so she told me that if she learned how to fly fish, I had make her a rod.   I took her out to Spring creek (in lodi) and she decided she wanted a fly rod.  I figured even if she doesn't use it very much,  that I could borrow it! (it casts really well so I might be borrowing it quite a bit!)
She chose the colors for the wraps and the reel seat and I put it together.
Dave Winslow makes some very beautiful reel seats and at a  very fair price.

double foot snake guides

1 stripping guide on this shorter rod

the butt section of the rod, a side view

the top view of the decorative wrap

The reel is a TFO Prism, and so far it is a wonderful reel.  The drag system seems very smooth and performs great! at about $85 it's one of the best values that I've seen.  Also it is one of the nicest cast AL reels I've seen.  Bought at On The Creek fly shop, if you haven't been there, you should check it out!
For anyone looking for a beautiful custom reel seat make sure to check out Winslow Rods!


  1. Great looking rod. I really like the custom wrap on it. Your mom is very proud to fling flies with that I'm sure. Stay cool bro and Tight Lines

  2. thanks trout! Another rod is on it's way! I should have pictures of the new rod up in about 3 days! This hot weather really makes me focus on building, I got 8 out of 10 wraps done today! now just waiting for the glue to dry.

  3. That thing is gorgeous! You should get a blog roll going so we can do a link exchange!