Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not too exciting...

Well this past week it has been ridiculously hot.  I only made it out fishing twice, both on nearby Black Earth Creek.  I was skunked for only the 2nd time this season on the first outing of the week, bummer.   Today was better, but not too great.  Good old BEC only gave up 2 fish today, first an 11inch sucker, and 2nd about an 8inch largemouth bass.  I also had a fish about 15-16 inches on, although I only got a quick glimpse of it before it spit the hook, I think it was a brown, but it might have been another sucker.  Days like I've had this week really make me appreciate the good days of fishing!

Maybe tomorrow will be better!


  1. blackearth isnt too forgiving and is the most technical ive ever fished. the good days are great and the bad days make you thankful for the good days. there is something to be said about that perfect drift while fishing there. nothing like it! stay cool guy

  2. In fishing, you've always got to be an optimist. :) Great blog...I found you through Blake...the Illinois Wisconsin Blog Blake...and am very glad I did. Better luck to you tomorrow!