Thursday, July 14, 2011

A slow day fishing is still better than a fast day at work

The past two days have been relatively slow for me.  Yesterday I ventured into Iowa and Grant counties in search or the ever elusive 20inch trout!... to no avail. Not to say the day wasn't a success, it was just a hard day of fishing.  Between myself and a friend we caught about a dozen fish with the biggest being a 12 inch brown.
We did, however, see several huge fish.  I had a brown that would have probably measured around 23inches swipe, but miss my wooly bugger only to sink down into the weeds, never to be seen again (that day... I'll get that s.o.b next time)  then later in the day while we were working a deep, slow pool another fish about 18 inches lept out of the water and "tail-walked" across the surface right in front of us, unfortunately our flies were now where near the jumping fish.

Then today I switched gears and headed to the Prarie Du Sac dam on the Wisconsin River to try my luck with the walleye and catfish.  Right off the bat I caught a small smallmouth bass,  but after that it wasn't for another hour before we caught our next fish which was the only walleye of the day that measured a healthy 17 inches.
Bryan with a healthy river walleye
After another hour of walleye fishing we ended up only catching one more fish, which was a dogfish (AKA bowfin, cotton fish etc.)

Bryan strikes again, this time it's a dogfish
Unfortunately after that dogfish we weren'y lucky enough to land anything else, but we did have several catfish bites, including one that broke the line, which was my fault.  So although we didn't bring any monster cats to shore I learned a valuable lesson, if the line looks frayed, even the tiniest bit,  it's best to re-tie just in case.  

Although the fishing wasn't spectacular, the time spent fishing with a good friend is never time wasted.

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