Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A couple of Bucks $$$

Well a male brown, and a male white tailed deer. (and a catfish from the summer)

I'll start out with the deer.  September 17th was the bow season opener for wisconsin, and I saw a few deer, one which happened to walk literally under my stand.  (i'll get the video up sometime)  Then september 18th was a little better!  The morning hunt was ok, had a red fox come within 10 feet of me, while i was on the ground, but that was about it for the morning hunt.  After some lunch I was gearing up to head back out, then it happened, the rain came...  I waited a few hours only to realize that it wasn't going to stop, so i went out in the rain.  After only about 10 minutes in the stand I saw a nice buck about 60 yards out.  I watched him for a while, and after about 10 minutes he bedded down just 31 yards away.  I wasn't really sure if i wanted to shoot him at this point so i just watched.  He laid there for about an hour and then stood up and walked towards me.  Another buck came out of the brush right behind him, followed by the doe.  The other deer were a good deal smaller that the buck i had been watching, so I decided that if "my" buck cam within 15 yards i'd shoot.  Long story short he came within 15 yards and I drew back my bow. I ended up taking the shot when he was 21 yards away.  He only ran 50 yards after the shot!

He's a 9 point (main frame 8, with a split brow tine)
He's not my biggest deer, but with a P&Y score of 110 3/8"  I can't complain.

Three days after i shot him I got out for a little trout fishing on Black Earth Creek.  I ended up catching a 19 inch brown!  I'm pretty sure it's actually the same fish in one of my previous posts! He was sitting in the same spot above a deep pool, and hit the same fly! a foam ant.  It's pretty cool to know where he lives!  I also saw 3 more fish around 18 inches or larger.  I had a pig of a rainbow follow up my wooly bugger and smash it, only to have the line snap on the hook set.  Hopefully i'll get back out there sometime this week before the season closes!

Released to fight another day!
A healthy Brown!

And just found this picture of a 13lbs channel cat that I caught earlier this summer!
Not sure why there is so much blood, he was hooked in the corner of his mouth,
and as far as we could tell there was no gill damage.
He swam away strong, so hopefully it was nothing too serious.

Next post will hopefully be talking about my limit of duck's that i'm gonna shoot this weekend! and a little trout fishing!