Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A quick hour on the creek

I had an urge to get out on the water yesterday, so I went out for an hour yesterday on Black Earth creek.  I was fishing a deep pool swinging streamers downstream (which normally i'm not a fan of, i always seem to have better luck pulling streamers downstream) and ended up getting one fish.  A healthy 18 inch rainbow.   Unfortunately i left my camera in the car, so all i had was my phone, and the pictures all ended up a bit blurry, Still better than no picture at all!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First of Wisconsin 2012

Yesterday, the 6th of march I made my way out to Iowa County with my friend Damien in search of some driftless trout.
The first creek was so clear that it was very easy to spook the fish, which ended up making fishing a bit slow.  The snow was melting quickly and making the creek pretty muddy, so we headed back downstream and fished one of the feeder creeks.
In the feeder we caught quite a few more fish including an 18 1/2 inch brown that is the biggest for the season,(well, kind of, he was somehow foul hooked.) and several nice healthy 14 inchers.   We also caught a few brookies making roughly 30 fish between us.
We hit one more stream afterwards.  It was a new stream for both of us, and it was filled with fish.  It was getting dark, but we still ended up with around 6 fish, Including the highlight of the trip, Damien's first Tiger Trout!

Not a bad start to the season, look forward to heading out again.
Talk about a pretty fish!

Not a bad start to the year! hopefully many more like this to come!