Thursday, December 12, 2013

Haven't posted in a while, some pictures from the past months

i was sight fishing for this "brown trout" one night, then spooked him, came back the next night and he was in the same spot so I continued to cast to him. Finally i tricked the 24" brown trout.... sucker.

18" tiger trout that must have ran upriver from the reservoir

a couple pretty browns from a day on a small creek


51" muskie from wisconsin 

a chunky brown 

one of the fattest bow's i've caught

I had a couple crazy good days fishing bows this fall!

Monster bow!

Another pig of a bow


A bright colored fall male

My brothers Wisconsin gun buck

Monday, May 6, 2013

Long over due, Utah and the trip home

I haven't been keeping up to date at all with the blog lately.  luckily i've still been doing quite a bit of fishing.
I was out in utah for school this past year and did a lot of fishing out there, then ended up fishing my way through colorado on the way home to wisconsin this past week.
(anyone looking to fish the driftless drop me a line!)

I'll definitely try to keep this a bit more up to day now, so hopefully you'll be seeing some big fish from wisconsin in the coming months!
for now i'll just throw up a bunch of pictures from the west!

these net pictures are deceiving, but each fish in these "net" pictures is over 18" 

this personal best lasted a day, then i caught the pig below the next day.
personal best brown, even caught him on my 1 wt!
The white fish...