Friday, September 21, 2012

Provo Caddis and PMD's

the past 10 days have been great fishing on the provo out here in utah.  PMD's and caddis are catching tons of fish.

Long story shot i've been using my 1 wt. catching some nice fish, nothing huge with the bigges at 18".
Got this one yesterday on a PMD in the middle of the day, he took me down river two pools before i could get him in the net!  A very health 18 with some nice colors, a start of a kype, and some huge fins.

Monday, September 10, 2012

First month of Utah

Well, I've been getting out fishing quite a bit, most of it without a camera.
It's not too bad only having class 3 days a week!

So far the fishing hasn't been spectacular, other than the one night i spent on the green (my camera and phone were dead)

So far i've caught browns, rainbows, whitefish, and brookies... still looking for that cuttie!

Within the next two weeks i'll get some real pictures and have a better update!
Hope the end of everyones summer is going well

good luck to all the tributary fisherman back home, i'm gonna miss that this year, good luck to all the hunters as well!