Monday, May 6, 2013

Long over due, Utah and the trip home

I haven't been keeping up to date at all with the blog lately.  luckily i've still been doing quite a bit of fishing.
I was out in utah for school this past year and did a lot of fishing out there, then ended up fishing my way through colorado on the way home to wisconsin this past week.
(anyone looking to fish the driftless drop me a line!)

I'll definitely try to keep this a bit more up to day now, so hopefully you'll be seeing some big fish from wisconsin in the coming months!
for now i'll just throw up a bunch of pictures from the west!

these net pictures are deceiving, but each fish in these "net" pictures is over 18" 

this personal best lasted a day, then i caught the pig below the next day.
personal best brown, even caught him on my 1 wt!
The white fish... 


  1. So you went West for school... or fish? :)

    1. Well i went west for skiing and fishing, but went to school a bit too.

  2. Wow, those are some beasts!! Your 1 weight must've got a real workout on the monster brown. Were you tossing big streamers?


    1. Sorry for the (very) late reply, that was on the taylor river in colorado, known for huge fish, and i caught that one on a size 22 may fly nymph.
      I'm not sure if you have fished out west before, but you can catch some huge fish on tiny flies, in the midwest streamers are pretty much the only thing to catch big fish on.